NAJS 2004 Conference

The NAJS 2004 Conference was held on April 22-24 in Göteborg, Sweden.

› ACE, Lund University
› University of Gothenburg
› Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
› Swedish Institute of International Affairs
› Swedish Research Council

Papers presented:
Appelgren, Staffan: Huis Ten Bosch in Post War History

Cassegard, Carl: NAM and New Social Movements in Japan

Conrad, Harald: Towards a new public-private mix in Japanese pensions

Edström, Bert: Prime Minister Obuchi Keizô and Human Security

Flyxe, Martin: Confucian frosting on Christian cake – the first Japanese primary school reader

Gaens, Bart: The (R)emasculation of the Sararîman “Shima Kôsaku’s Equation for Success” as Manual for Contemporary Japanese Businessmen

Hagström, Linus: Power relationships in East Asia and Japanese State Agency: A research proposal

Kreitz-Sandberg, Susanne: Intercultural Communication and its Role in Japanese Studies

Lambert, Bruce Henry: Irrashaimase? Changing Japanese Views on Inward Migration

Larm, Lars: The Expression of Modality in Japanese

Länsisalmi, Riikka: Crafting traditions: Expressions of “Japaneseness” in modern taiko drumming

Moberg, Pia: Political leadership and rhetoric in Japan: The case of “Waseda Speech Club” (Waseda daigaku yûbenkai) and “The Matsushita Institute of Government and Management” (Matsushita seikei juku)

Nakamura, Richard: Attitudes, Structure and the Partner Selection of Japanese M&As

Okamoto, Tomochika: History Textbooks of Japan and the United States, and the Narration of History in the Globalization Ages

Onozawa, Akane: The Problem of Licensed Prostitution and Efforts Aimed at its Prohibition in Prewar and Wartime Japan

Poukka, Päivi: Conception of Human Beings in Japanese Present School Moral Education

Shimizu, Kosuke: Discourses of Leadership and Global Political Economy: or how I stop worrying about and love the Phallus-centrism

Söderberg, Marie: The struggle for a descent life in Japan – The Korean minority adopting to changing legal and political conditions

Sörensen, Lars-Martin: Narrations of ambiguity