NAJS 2005 Conference

The NAJS 2005 Conference was held on April 28-30 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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› Toshiba International Foundation
› Swedish School of Advanced Asia Pacific Studies

Papers presented:
Anbäcken, Els-Marie and Susanne Kreitz Sandberg: “Whose Normality? Education and Social Work Practices for Adolescents and Children in Japan, Germany and Sweden”

Atanassova-Cornelis, Elena: “Towards a ‘major power’ role: Japan’s foreign policy after the Cold War mirrored through the US-Japan alliance and Japan-Europe relations”

Borggreen, Gunhild: “Performing National Culture: Mori Mariko in Malmö”

Cassegård, Carl: “Two meanings of ‘recovery’ in contemporary Japanse culture: A reading of Karatani Kôjin”

Hagström, Linus: “Japan and power relationships in East Asia: The case of coordinating North Korea policy”

Kingston, Jeff: “Information Disclosure In Japan”

Kostowska-Watanabe, Elzbieta: “Japan’s 150 years of globalization: An attempt at understanding the process”

Moe, Anders: “The Japanese comics industry”

Nordeborg, Martin: “How was God Explained in Early Meiji Schools?”

Osawa Machiko: “Women Workers in the Japanese Economy: Trends and Issues in the 21st Century”

Platz, Anemone: “How do elderly Japanese imagine their living spaces when old?”

Poukka, Päivi: “The Position of Moral Education in the Japanese Curriculum”

Shimizu Kosuke: “Japan’s Colonialism and Social Scientific Development: Philosophy, Economics, Colonial Studies and Sex Slaves”

Skovsted Hansen, Annette: “Japanese Development Assistance as Dialogue:How Overseas Participants in Courses in Japan Initiated, Sustained, and Freed a Dialogue”

Söderberg, Marie: “Is Foreign Aid, or Expectation of Such Aid, an Effective Tool to Influence North Korea?”

Sørensen, Lars-Martin: “Trains, Tea, Tatami and Tradition against Occupation Reforms – Yasujiro Ozu’s film Late Spring (1949)”