NAJS 2006 Conference

The NAJS 2006 Conference was held on April 27-29 in Helsinki, Finland.

› Academy of Finland
› Helsinki Business Collage
› The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
› Laurea University
› Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
› Toshiba International Foundation

Papers presented:
Appelgren, Staffan: “The Huis Ten Bosch Concept”

Asahi Yoshiyuki: “Sakhalin Japanese: Past, Present and Future”

Autio, Antti: ”Translation, Transposition and Rewriting: The Adaptation of European and Japanese Written Fiction into Audiovisual Forms”

Ekholm, Thomas: “Chanoyu and the West: Chanoyu in Sweden during late 19th and early 20th Century”

Eväsoja, Minna: “J-POP and Contemporary Japanese Society”

Gaens, Bart: “The European and Japanese Rediscovery of ‘Asia’-The Construction of Regional Identities in the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM)”

Gustafsson, Karl: “Japanese Historical Memory and Sino-Japanese Relations”

Hagström, Linus: “Japan, the Great Powers, and the Coordination of North Korea Policy”

Illman, Johanna: “Wrapping with Textiles: Gift Giving Presentations Viewed through Japanese Aesthetic Concepts”

Kamoto Itsuko: “Who will become Japanese Nationals?”

Korhonen, Pekka: “Asia in Japanese Rhetoric”

Kostowska-Watanabe, Elzbieta: “Foot Soldiers of the State and Consumer Queens – Japanese Women and the State”

Kreitz-Sandberg, Susanne: “Specifics of School Experience in Japan: Which role does Gender play in education?”

Merklejn, Iwona: ”Natural Disasters and Information Society: Some Recent Research Trends in Japan”

Moberg, Pia: “The validity of a Questionnaire: How can ‘good’ questions be formulated?”

Nordeborg, Martin: “Discovery of the Child in Early Meiji Japan?”

Ojala, Arto: “Challenges for Foreign Software Companies in the Japanese Market: A Case Study”

Poukka, Päivi: “Social Responsibility in Japanese Education”

Saunavaara, Juha: ”Some Observations on Occupation Authorities’ Attitude towards the Japanese Conservative Parties during the First Nine Months of the Occupation”

Takeuchi Rio: ”Idealized Character in the Age of Westernization: Vocabulary War Over Shinshi (gentleman)”