NAJS 2008 Conference

The NAJS 2008 Conference was held on March 27-28 in Stockholm, Sweden.

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› Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
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Papers presented:
Edström, Bert: “Human Security and Cooperation between the Japanese Government and Japanese NGOs”

Gaens, Bart: “Salaryman Masculinity and the Transformation of Corporate Japan as Depicted in the Manga ‘Shima Kôsaku’ (1983-present)”

Hagström, Linus : “A Wind of Change? Assessing Japanese Foreign Policy Transformation in the Heisei Era”

Kasai, Hirotaka: “Democracy and Knowledge: Masakazu Nakai’s ‘Logic of Committee'”

Konttinen, Annamari: “The Political and Cultural Determinants of Civil Society – a Comparative Study”

Korhonen, Pekka: “Children for the Nation! Debate on the National Obligations of Japanese Women”

Kreitz-Sandberg, Susanne: “Educational Policy: Framework and Challanges”

Moberg, Pia: “The training methods at Matsushita Institute of Government and Management analyzed from the perspective of Complexity Leadership Theory”

Nobuoka, Jakob: “Akihabara: User Innovation and Creative Consumption in Japanese Culture Industries”

Nordeborg, Martin et al.: “Men and Nation in Contemporary Japanese Society”

Ogawa, Akihiro: “Strategies of a Neoliberal State: Institutionalizing ‘Civil Society’ in Japan”

Söderberg, Marie: “Challenges for the West Is there an alternative ‘Asian’ model of aid emerging?”

Sørensen, Lars-M.: “The Bestseller Recipe: A Natural Explanation of the Global Success of Anime”