NAJS 2009 Conference

The NAJS 2009 Conference was held on March 19-20 in Turku, Finland.

› Swedish Institute of International Affairs
› Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS)
› Toshiba International Foundation
› Centre for East Asian Studies, University of Turku

Papers presented:
› Japanese Sentencing Practices – creating an opportunity for paternalistic justice by Erik Herber (Leiden University)

› The revision of the Fundamental law of Education and other reforms by Niko Lindholm (University of Turku)

› Comiket – Innovative fans and playful plagiarism by Jakob Nobuka (Uppsala University)

› Gone with the Wind – Inukai Takero and Narahashi Wataru in the Whirl of the Early Occupation Policy by Juha Saunavaara (University of Oulu)

› Nishida Kitaro and Japan’s Interwar Foreign Policy: War Involvement and Culturalist Political Discourse by Kosuke Shimizu (Ryukoku University)

› ODA: a tool for poverty reduction or managing security relations? by Marie Södeberg (Stockholm School of Economics)

› Kojunsha and gentlemanship in modern Japanese society: The creation of a new type of public sphere by Takeuchi Rio (Jyväskylä University)

› Single fathers defying established gender roles in Japanese society: Restructuring fatherhood in the absence of the mother by Anna Vainio (Turku University)

› From Bulgarian Sour Milk to “Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt” – the Cultural Interpretations of Yogurt at a Japanese Dairy Company by Maria Ivanova Yotova (University for Advanced Studies)

› Tokugawa shogunate and Japan Project by Elzbieta Kostowska-Watanabe (Nicolaus Copernicus University)

› Problem of creating stable employment for people with mental disabilities by Misyo Teresa (Jyväskylä University)

› Coming in Terms with the Past in Contemporary Japan: National Identity Construction and the History Question by Elina Sinkkonen (University of Helsinki)

› Japan’s Asia Policy: Narrow History of a Wide Concept by Pekka Korhonen (Jyväskylä University)

› Among Threats and Perfect Excuses: Understanding Change in Japanese Foreign Security Policy by Linus Hagström & Christian Turesson (Swedish Institute of International Affairs)

> Japan – information society, media society. Theoretical concepts and research trends by Iwona Merklejn (Nicolaus Copernicus University)

> Location, location, location: Selecting sites for controversial facilities by Daniel P. Aldrich (Purdue University)

> Japanese design as visual expression of kawaii aesthetics by Maria Nesterov & Ksenia Spitsyna

> The Presence and Absence of the “Other”: Identity Narratives at Chinese and Japanese Peace and War Museums by Karl Gustafsson (Stockholm University)

> Golden Boy Meets Lone Wolf: Comparing Salaryman manga by Bart Gaens (University of Helsinki)

> On Hanamori Yasuji and Kurashi no techo by Hirotaka Kasai (Tsuda College)