Steering Committee

At present the NAJS Steering Committee consists of:

Bart Gaens

Bart Gaens works as Senior Research Fellow at the Global Security Research Program at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) in Helsinki. He is also Project Director for the Center on US Politics and Power at the same institute, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. He has published widely on Europe-Asia relations and the ASEM process; on Japan’s foreign policy and regional role; and on international relations and security-related issues in the Indo-Pacific region.

Annette Skovsted Hansen

Annette Skovsted Hansen is Associate Professor of Japanese and Global history at Aarhus University, Denmark. Prior to her work at Aarhus University, she worked as international staff at United Nations Headquarters 1991-1998. She has published on kokugo as part of nation building in 19th century Japan, on global networks engendered by Japanese official development assistance since 1959, and her current research is on Tema Port in Ghana, Africa, and the involvement of Japan International Cooperation Agency over the past thirty years.

Jens Sejrup

Jens Sejrup is Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Copenhagen. He has previously held research and teaching positions at Copenhagen, Oslo, and Lund universities. He has authored a number of research publications on Japanese museum architecture, political rhetoric, the role of the news media for postcolonial controversies, and political uses of colonial history in contemporary Japan-Taiwan relations.

Dick Stegewerns

Dick Stegewerns is Associate Professor at the University of Oslo,where he teaches courses on modern and contemporary Japanese history, international relations, politics, society, culture, and film. At present he conducts projects on postwar Japanese war films, a century of democracy in Japan, the visualisation of Japanese history in film, manga and anime, the discourse on the dichotomy of Eastern and Western civilization (Tōzai bunmeiron), the Japanese film director Naruse Mikio, and a postwar global history of the Japanese fermented drink sake.

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